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Many organizations speak in detail about their “Vision” or the “Dream” that they have for the future.  Funny enough, the Woe2Wow Foundation started off as a literal dream that prompted the first iteration of “Words of Encouragement & Words of Wisdom” which, through the years, eventually grew into the nonprofit organization we are today.   

Our Founder and Executive Director, Vicki Rance believes that God always speaks to us through the Bible and has countless ways of making His point with us, one of which is through dreams.  The night before she was supposed to teach a Ladies’ Bible Class, she had a dream about her attempted drive to the church building to speak. She recounts “The Dream” and its Impact:  

The Dream

After backing out of the garage on a Spring Day, my car took on a life of its own and barreled down the alley in reverse.  It spun itself around as it continued to rapidly accelerate down the path.

I began shouting, ‘Lord, I am late for church, and I have to teach class!’  My car continued whisking me along in the opposite direction of the church building! Before long, I was in unknown darkened territory, speeding down an empty snow filled, one-way road. It was rather unsettling and quite scary. 

I had just spent every day of the last six weeks preparing a lesson in which I wanted to bring honor to Him.  I was confused as to why the Lord was allowing this to happen.  Why was He leading me in a different direction? I kept shouting, “Lord, what is going on?”  The first clear message I received from the Lord, was that what I had to say at Ladies Bible class was not of greater importance. The Lord clearly had something more important for my life.   I exclaimed out loud, ‘Lord, I get it!  What I have to say is not important! I get it!!!’ 

Quickly realizing that the car was still rushing down the road, I knew that was not the only lesson He had in mind for me! Suddenly, a dump truck pulled up and out of the snow driving on the road in front of me. I noticed that the hydraulic lift began to rise, and much to my surprise, a dead body rolled out of it and landed right in front of my vehicle as my car came to a screeching halt! At this point, I was terrified and screamed “LORD! WHY?!” Reaching for my cell phone to call my husband… I woke up. 

With my eyes wide open, I laid there recovering as though I had just experienced a real-life trauma. I asked, ‘Lord, why did you give me this dream? I’m not going to sleep until You tell me why You gave me this dream!”  As I laid there reviewing every detail of the dream and what it might mean, it crossed my mind that ‘I see spiritually dead people every day!’ Contemplating the seriousness of this revelation, I asked “Lord, what do you want me to do about it?” And here came my final message for the night. A passing thought scrolled across the back of my mind, recalling an idea that I had a week earlier, which was to offer written Scriptural Words of Encouragement to guests at work.  I was stationed at the Concierge Desk by the entrance of Baylor Heart Hospital in Plano, and I was constantly thinking of ways to uplift patients and visitors having a tough day. Upon originally conceiving this concept, I thought it was a great idea… but I promptly forgot about it. Clearly the Lord initiated that first thought in my head only a week earlier and this dream was the literal wake-up call to get it back at the center of my attention. At this point, I was resolved to see it through to fruition. ‘Ok, Lord. I will do it!’ 

The next day, I immediately got to work. Starting with Genesis and working my way through the Bible, I started pulling out all the Encouraging Scriptures I could find. I commenced to offering these Words of Encouragement to every guest that entered the hospital. With a clear understanding of the Power of Prayer, I began praying that God would speak to every person who took and read a scripture; I prayed that each scripture would speak directly to the individual’s situation and have the maximum impact on their heart and, in so doing, draw them close to Jesus. 

People would come by and take handfuls to read in their room. Vendors would take loads to pass out to their customers in other businesses through the day. With the Words of Encouragement being so well received, I decided to create another group of Scriptural Words of Wisdom. Some people need to be uplifted, while others need understanding and discernment for their situation. Now each guest could choose Encouragement, Wisdom, or both!” 

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